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We are known for a fun, off-beat and modern approach to creating stories from the best day in your life. Our studio has acquired fantastic experience in the wedding photography industry. We believe that photographs are the best mode to preserve your memories. We love capturing weddings and are always looking forward to doing more innovative and creative work . With our expertise and talent, we make sure the clients are happy with pictures.

We usually love taking pictures and preserving memories in photographs so that we have something tangible to relive those special moments. Weddings are one such special occasion filled with bursts of emotions. This is an occasion where we want to capture every little smile and every single tear for us to cherish in the years to come. We help you do precisely that. We capture every emotion, every smile, every tear beautifully through their lens. We add colors to each and every captured frame making it look beautiful and natural.


Indian Wedding Video by Ghunghat Studio

Just like wedding photography, Indian Wedding Movies have transformed from simple coverage into thematic documentary style wedding films. Our wedding movies are simple stories that tell the tale of your wedding, filmed in our inimitable fun and off-beat style. Using the very latest and best technology available, our wedding films are tailor made for your big day and perfectly complement your wedding photos. Every wedding film is tailor made to your story. We Understanding the emotions of their bride and groom they ensure to cover the event in the most realistic way. Be it your engagement or wedding they will be part of your most special phase of life and are well-equipped with all the camera tools and techniques.
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Best Wedding Photographer in Patna

Rahul Kumar Raja is the founder of Ghunghat Studio. He has been conceptual in the way of seeing through the camera applying his thoughts and imaginations with over a decade of experience in cinematography , wedding and film making.

Rahul Kumar Raja gives more focus in doing any work at the right time. he believe in leveraging the power of technology to provide the best wedding photography services to clients.